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Polymer Clay Adventure Virtual Retreat is a Celebration of Art for polymer clay and mixed media enthusiasts at all skill levels - beginner and beyond.

On the surface? It’s about learning new techniques and projects in polymer clay, and adding mixed media to spice things up.

But really? It’s about connection, community, and honoring the creativity in all of us.

It’s designed for people who love to create and meet kindred spirits, and want to immerse themselves in unlimited learning  without breaking the bank or leaving family and work obligations behind.

By the end of the year long adventure in exploring art media, techniques, and projects, you will…

learn to surrender any fears you have about investing time and money in your own creativity, because your art matters!

connect with like-minded kindred spirits all over the world and make new friends

create 24 unique keepsakes you will treasure forever as mementos of your remarkable artistic journey

meet and learn from 22 of the finest experienced polymer clay and mixed media teachers all in one place

grow and fine-tune your skills and knowledge of polymer clay and learn what tools and supplies you can use to extend into other art styles

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

Let this be the year you finally invest in You!

Grab your clay, tools, and computer, and get ready to celebrate!

The Virtual Retreat has Begun and we are off to an amazing start! You can see some of our student work in the photo area and on our Facebook page. 


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We want to live in a world where inspiration is unlimited and where we share with others who have the passion to mix up their media and use polymer clay for dimension and fun!

We are so tired of obstacles getting in the way of our creative explorations...

  • Fears and scarcity related to time and money...
  • Forgetting what you learn after leaving a classroom...
  • Access to teachers to ask questions as you are experimenting and learning...
  • Leaving your kids, pets, and significant others at home and out of the experience...
  • That the cost of travel has become so prohibitive, never mind the cost to hire someone to care for those left-behind kids, pets and houses...

We want you to have the Retreat Experience you always dreamed of!

So, we've created the Polymer Clay Adventure Virtual Retreat- A new innovative way for everyone, everywhere in the world to experience the fun!

We're so thrilled that we gathered up 22 delightful and passionate teachers who are  gifted and experienced in all kinds of polymer clay and mixed-media arts.

We've made sure that the lessons they are preparing are varied, informative and that you will learn something different and unique from each and every teacher.

It's about honoring you- because Your Art Matters. Learning new things is exciting and fun- and doing it in an enjoyable way is important. Also, there's going to be loads of online antics, probably with cookies and possibly wine, and in our pj's.

Right now, we want you to claim a seat in the first and only Virtual Polymer Clay Retreat. We're unlocking access to a worldwide collection of teachers, bridging the gaps between distance and locations, and bringing us all together for one amazing knock-your-socks off affordable experience. There has never been anything like this before!


With all our Love and Kind Regards...See you on the incredible Journey!

Ilysa & Kira 

PS: New and Exciting Lessons 2x each month for a WHOLE YEAR, that you get to keep forever, presented in video and pdf format (mostly video) and if it's a pdf, the teacher will be doing an online video demo- so you get a big bang for your buck!

PPS: Inspirational activities EVERY SINGLE WEEK....

PPPS: Go at your own pace so you are not overwhelmed, keep the class materials and finish on YOUR schedule, you are in control...

Why haven't you joined yet? It’s a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits. We are really looking forward to teaching, learning, growing, and connecting with you!

Be a part of it, sign up today!

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  • Syndee Holt - multiple bracelet techniques
  • Christi Friesen - walking pod sculptural vase
  • Barbara McGuire - faux stone and face pendant
  • Laurie Mika - mixed media mosaic house
  • Sarajane Helm - ball jointed doll
  • Ilysa Ginsburg - decorated display stand
  • Kira Slye - polymer vase and flowers
  • Chris Kapono - suncatcher tiles
  • Katie Oskin - woodland critter sculpture
  • Layl McDill -  cat cane
  • Anke Humpert - translucent jewelry
  • Lisa Renner - bathing beauty figural sculpture
  • Tammy Durham - illustrated greeting cards
  • Karen Lewis aka KLEW - bead shapes and designs
  • Tristina Elmes - sculptural fine art with clay and paint
  • Teresa Salgado aka PANDORA - caning
  • Marlene Brady - sculptural beads
  • Linda Hess - votives and vases
  • Wendy Orlowski - cabezel jewelry
  • Suzanne Ivester - painting with polymer
  • Jennifer Morris - embroidery technique
  • Cat Therien aka CAT - flower cane
  • PLUS two BONUS lessons designed to kick off the event and close it with a bang....

A comment from one of our current retreat Attendees:

This is not a question but an observation. I have attended retreats and workshops in the past. If I take an average of $250 for a workshop and multiply that by 22 (number of artists participating and teaching in PCA), it would cost me $5,500 to participate in everything. We are getting this incredible experience for $99. This is a once in a lifetime thing! Thank you Ilysa and Kira for putting this together and thank you to all the wonderful artists who are teaching!



If you like, please feel free to take 3 months to pay your registration fee!

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 Still not convinced this is for you? 

Visit our Teacher's Page to learn more about the fabulous talented artists who will be sharing projects and knowledge with you! Click HERE.

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We've got a Resources page, we ALWAYS answer our direct messages and emails quickly, we post coupons, deals, and links for your clay shopping (and we offer a nice coupon for retreat attendees to use at the PolymerClayTV shop too), some of our teachers provide optional kits, and even coupons to their shops too! But you've got to be an Adventurer to access all that stuff! See you inside.

Giving Back

Charity Wings is our charity of choice and we are working with them through our efforts here to raise money for their endeavors.